Hey, I won!! TC-Helicon Love Songs Competition

What a thrilling piece of news! I woke up this morning to find that I’m the grand prize winner in the TC-Helicon Love Songs Competition.

TC-Helicon is the company that makes the terrific vocal harmony boxes I’ve been using. In the video I entered in the contest, I used the VoiceLive 2; and since that time I’ve switched out to the similar-in-function-but-easier-to-fly-to-a-gig-with VoiceLive Touch. People have been asking me which is better; my answer is they’re both awesome pieces of gear, and it all depends on your luggage.

Celebrating now for a minute here in our SLEEPING BEAUTY WAKES writers’ apartment in Princeton, NJ…before getting back to finishing up the revision of the end of Act Two with my collaborators.

I look forward to checking out some of the other top competition videos to see what else people are doing with their VoiceLive boxes.

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