What I’ve been spending my time on…SLEEPING BEAUTY WAKES

Sleeping Beauty Wakes at La Jolla Playhouse

This site has been a bit quiet over the past couple of months, because I’ve been completely immersed in the process of getting our musical SLEEPING BEAUTY WAKES up and running, again, at La Jolla Playhouse. You may recall the nail-biting process I mentioned from earlier this year when the show opened at McCarter Theatre in Princeton, NJ (see Brendan’s blog on the subject)…and this time it was no less stressful, but simply shorter: we had three days of rehearsal, plus a week of tech, to put in all the many writing changes we wanted to make. As lyricist, I got used to the following procedure: 1) watching and waiting from the writers’ table with Rachel and Brendan for many hours, 2) CRISIS!! Rewrite as fast as humanly possible and get the changes to the actors and the band!
3) Repeat.

Somehow it worked, and the show is in its best shape ever. We had a fantastic opening night last Friday, July 22 – and now I’m ready to get back to my solo project. Stay tuned!

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