Song #6: “Thaw/Irish Lullaby”

My first-ever full-length solo concerts happened in November, and I’m very happy that we were able to videotape them. The excellent Paul Wojciak gave me a crash course in video editing, allowing me to watch and take notes while he put together 4 songs. This one starts with a song I wrote for my mom: the idea was that getting to know her as an adult, after all my youthful rebelliousness and teenage angst were over, was a revelation for me; it felt like ice melting after a long hard winter, and the sun coming out and warming everything up. The song was called “Thaw,” and we used to do that song a lot in my band, GrooveLily. My mom passed away in 2009, and we haven’t played it in the band since — but this solo project is the perfect opportunity to bring it back; I think my mom would be very excited and proud about what I’m doing here. Just like my son is now, she was a small person with a very big voice and big personality, and she loved to sing. She was part Irish, and loved to sing Irish songs…so this is a re-imagining of “Thaw,” my song for my mother, mashed up with the Irish lullaby she used to sing to me.

“Thaw/Irish Lullaby” performed live by Valerie Vigoda, November 2011 from Valerie Vigoda on Vimeo.

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