Song #7: “This Sucks”

My first-ever full-length solo concerts happened in November, and I’m very happy that we were able to videotape them. The excellent Paul Wojciak gave me a crash course in video editing, allowing me to watch and take notes while he put together 4 songs. This one is a live performance of “This Sucks,” the opening song from my upcoming solo musical, ERNEST SHACKLETON LOVES ME.* I’m writing the show with Brendan Milburn and Joe DiPietro, who won the Tony for MEMPHIS; and I’m thrilled to be able to include music from SHACKLETON in my solo concerts. There are pre-recorded tracks in this song (unlike in my other looping videos where I build the arrangements from scratch) — because the character I play in the show is a composer whose music is huge and symphonic.

*Ernest Shackleton was a famous Antarctic explorer in the early 1900s — and he gets involved in the story later — all you need to know now is that Kat is a composer, and we’re in her studio.

“This Sucks” from ERNEST SHACKLETON LOVES ME, performed live by Valerie Vigoda, November 2011 from Valerie Vigoda on Vimeo.

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