new blog at – announcing “Every Seven”

Hey folks – there’s a blog entry up at Milburn & Vigoda, announcing our “Every Seven” project and including a brand new video. Don’t miss it!

I’ve been sick with shingles (a virus brought on by stress) for three weeks…and am thrilled to finally be able to play and work again. The whole icky, debilitating experience brought me up short and made me rethink a bit – it’s been all over my right hand and arm, along the nerve route most affected by holding my violin bow – so for a while there I didn’t know when I’d be able to play my instrument. Thankfully I’m on the mend – and the prescription from my doctor is mainly to relax more. Therefore, 2013 brings you a mellower me.
What does this mean for you, dear comrade in music?
Only good things. Very good things.

everyseven copy

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