Gratitude, volume 4 of 5

Day 4 of 5 in the gratitude game, instigated by David Reiley:

Today I am grateful for:

1 – friends with history. There is nothing like the comfort of being with people who have known you forever, and I am so lucky and grateful to still be in touch with friends who have been in my life for decades. They are touchstones for my existence, and no matter how much time goes by without seeing each other, we can always pick right up where we left off – with no pretense, no trying too hard, just relaxing into the warmth of familiarity and acceptance.

They restored the cartoon cat to match the version from the 60's.

They restored the cartoon cat to match the version from the 60’s.

2 – gay people who have stood up to the police. Today I was at a meeting at the Black Cat Tavern in Silverlake, and learned about its history, as the site of the infamous Black Cat riot on New Year’s Eve 1967. Patrons were beaten and arrested for kissing at midnight on New Year’s Eve, and the riot that ensued had a direct impact on the formation of the Advocate newspaper, and ultimately to the sea change that has occurred in our society, allowing LGBT people of my generation to live more fully expressed lives thanks to the bravery of those who came before.

3 – air conditioning. I LOVE hot weather; I bask in it and truly enjoy high temperatures…and at the same time, walking out of the August heat blast into a cool, dimly lit room is one of the great pleasures of the modern world.

Today I invite three more friends to join me in this game. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to make public posts of three things you’re grateful for every day for five days. You might also choose to tag some friends (three suggested) to invite them to start the game each day. S Nina GellertKaryn Joaquino ClemonsJanet Loughlin

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