I’m back. Go see LONG STORY SHORT in NYC, through Mar 29!

Hey there! I’ve just returned from the opening of our musical LONG STORY SHORT in New York City, and critics and audiences are loving it (see below); it’s a funny, heartwarming, moving 90-minute slice of life.

I think that if you like my work with Brendan (like JUST GETTING GOOD or any of our GrooveLily songs), you will definitely like this.

It has a VERY short run – the last performance is on March 29 – but we promise that it’s worth your time. We are very proud of it, and of the superstar Broadway performers (Bryce Ryness of SLEEPING BEAUTY WAKES and Pearl Sun who originated this role in 2008) who are knocking it out of the park every show.

You can use this staff discount code: HOPE

and get 20% off tickets here: http://is.gd/LongStoryShort

If you’re anywhere near NYC before the end of March, please do come check it out. We wrote the show when we were younger, but we are thrilled that it’s finally grown up and made it to the big city.

“You’d have to be made of unmovable stuff not to be touched “ – New York Theatre Review

“What Milburn and Vigoda have created is nothing short of a dream…Exquisite.” – TheatreinTheNow.com

“Insightful, moving and joyful…Imaginative and fresh… Stunning.” – Theatrescene.net

“Superbly cast…very entertaining..” – womanaroundtown.com

“Sometimes touching, sometimes stinging, and sometimes funny.” – Theatre Pizzazz

Phenomenal…They will leave you laughing in some moments and in tears in others, a truly touching and engaging story.” – Charged.fm

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