“Ms. Vigoda has a warm, offbeat presence and a strong voice that moves from rock-chick belting to softer, lusher terrain…The music is rhythmic pop founded on a rich vein of melody, with Ms. Vigoda’s electric violin adding a distinctive note to the clean but potent arrangements.”—The New York Times

“Truly amazing, an awesome vision of embodied musicality, moving as one with her violin, making it sing and singing with it in a voice both smoky and angelic. Anyone in town who plays violin ought to see her – she’s the future.”—Palo Alto Weekly

“Unleashes a diva-worthy torrent of passion…”—The Washington Post

“Especially sexy on the electric violin.”—Theatermania

“An enormously talented front-woman, with superb chops on electric violin, a sweet and powerful singing voice and a warm, inviting stage presence.”—North County Times

“An electric violinist extraordinaire. Concert halls would yearn for the breathtaking notes she evokes from her instrument…and on top of all that…[her] supple voice has a melodious silkiness that’s rich in depth and timbre.”—DC Theatre Scene

“To call Valerie Vigoda talented barely seems to do her justice. She has a great voice, is an intelligent lyricist…and is an ace violinist. Methinks we’ll hear more of her.”—Dirty Linen Magazine

“All the ingredients to fill a rock ’n’ roll arena.”—Lansing State Journal

“Such a delight! The crowds were completely enthralled. Her winning personality came across just as much as her musical talent and beautiful voice…the show was a huge hit.”—Chris Wolf, Executive Director, Torrance Cultural Arts Foundation (Torrance, CA)

“Watching Valerie Vigoda is an experience like no other and one you and your audiences will never forget. She masterfully weaves art—in musical form—right  before your eyes; you witness the moment of artistic creation, as a tapestry of musical magnificence unfolds. This is a must for all audiences everywhere and an important glimpse at the future of our industry.”—Keith Cromwell, Board member, National Alliance of Musical Theatre

“The audience loved it. Not only was the show unbelievably energetic, but Ms. Vigoda went to our local high school and did an hour long mini-performance for the music department students. They loved her. Unique, interesting, engaging, and awesome—all words associated with Valerie’s performance!”—Stu Secttor, Clark State Performing Arts Center (Springfield, OH)

“Valerie Vigoda is one of those talents that inspire both awe and a sense of joy in audiences; her solo show using looping techniques has a 21st century musicality that is hard to resist.”—Patricia Lynch, Executive Director, The Music Hall (Portsmouth, NH)

“What a pleasure… A truly inspiring concert… The evening felt like an intimate living room concert… Every song was musically stunning, powerfully expressed, and lyrically creative.”—Heidi Schiller, Fairfield Community Arts Center (Fairfield, OH)

“That no one has yet ‘discovered’ charming and charismatic Vigoda and her magic violin is a mystery—but I’m glad I got to see her now.”—Music Unbound

“Epic, inspiring, yet totally not pretentious…Most people when they loop lay down a harmony track, then another harmony track, then maybe an instrumental backing, then by the time the song actually starts you are bored to tears. Valerie spent maybe 30 seconds, probably less, setting down some simple rhythms. Then she launched into the melody accompanied by her violin. Then after a few verses looped the melody and started adding the harmonies and violin tracks making the sound progressively richer… She [has] figured out how to make real music with a looper.”—Gordon Nash, Wise Madness


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