Song #3: “Patiently”

This is what happens when you write a song on piano when you’re barely out of your teens and then reinvent it for looping violin twenty years later. I am so far from the naive girl who wrote this post-breakup song…and honestly, it doesn’t sound as urgent as it once did when I festooned this pretty little tune with late-’80s-esque adult contemporary demo stylings, or when my dad played piano and I simply sang it on my album, “Inhabit My Heart.” But at the same time, it feels good to reinvent this old chestnut, this time from an emotional distance where I can’t possibly imagine waiting around “patiently” for some guy who dumped me to change his mind! And it’s good to look back and see how far I’ve come to a point where I can play this song live with no bandmates, no piano, just me and the violin and the loops made on the fly. I look forward to reinventing more GrooveLily songs.

Patiently from Valerie Vigoda on Vimeo.

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