Rock the pok

the X-Tempo pok in Moonrock Blue

I am thrilled to report that I am now a proud endorser of the X-Tempo pok wireless foot controller, and my setup newly boasts a pok of the lustrous Moonrock Blue color as well as the classic Graphite Gray…

The intensely creative Trevor Nathanial, inventor of the pok, met me for coffee and lively discussion last week in LA. I am delighted to be featured on his site, and as soon as we get our SLEEPING BEAUTY WAKES rewrites done here in Princeton, NJ (see Brendan’s blog on this exciting process that just began yesterday!), I’ll get to set up my gear in a dressing room and make some more videos. The poks are fantastic – Trevor found it very funny that the first thing I mentioned was how comfortable they are to use in bare feet or socks…which I guess is because the poks are so seamless and easy to use that I don’t have to talk much about their technical aspects. (Also because there are a lot of pedals out there with tough little buttons that can really be painful for anyone, like me, who prefers to play without shoes! The design of the pok is nicely curved and ergonomically “raked” for easy aiming of even the klutziest of feet, for example the ones on the ends of my legs.)

I look forward to many opportunities to rock the pok.

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