Song #4: “Daylight”

My first-ever full-length solo concerts happened a few weeks ago, and I’m very happy that we were able to videotape them. The excellent Paul Wojciak gave me a crash course in video editing, allowing me to watch and take notes while he put together 4 songs. I’ll post them here one by one, starting with this song: “Daylight” by the wonderful Mike Errico.
“Daylight” is a post-breakup song unlike anything I’ve ever written (mine have tended toward the melancholy). Maybe it’s a female vs. male thing, maybe not…but in any case I’ve always been drawn to this song, and I think it sounds best with all the pronouns/gender references as Mike originally wrote them.

“Daylight” performed live by Valerie Vigoda, November 2011 from Valerie Vigoda on Vimeo.

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