“Don’t Let Go of Your Dream”: Great WHEELHOUSE review in Huffington Post

A scene from Wheelhouse (photo © Tracy Martin 2012)

“What makes Wheelhouse especially interesting to me is that these three talented musicians (who are still in the early phases of their careers) have crafted a self-referential show which is highly entertaining, driven by some of their struggles to succeed, and yet manages to share the emotional and financial roller-coaster ride of an itinerant, unfamous musician’s lifestyle with charm, wit, and some great songs…

The spirited, athletic, and emotional performances by Valerie Vigoda and Brendan Milburn offer a touching contrast to Gene Lewin’s more laid-back style as a drummer. The scene in which Lewin impersonates a used-car salesman is hilarious!

What sets Wheelhouse apart from many other new shows is that it is written and performed by musicians the audience genuinely cares for, and delivers GrooveLily’s songs with a balance, sensitivity, and ingenuity that never fails to please.” – George Heymont, The Huffington Post

For the full article, go here.

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